Management of 70 Health centers and 511 Health Posts in Farah Province

From January 2019, MRCA will run the 70 health centers of Farah province plus the Provincial Hospital under the Moph stewardhip and the World Bank funding.
A network of 511 health posts providing basic services and referral activities to the patients will complete the coverage


Management of 18 health centers and 140 health posts in Nimroz Province

From July 2017, MRCA​ managed the BPHS health facilities of Nimroz province.

140 health posts completed the coverage of health services. From January 2019 MRCA will also manage the Provincial Hospital of the province under the Moph stewardhip and the World Bank funding.


Support to health for drought affected areas in Nimroz

​6 Mobile Health Units have been deployed in Nimroz province to cover the needs of the population affected by the drought under UNOCHA  funds.


Intervention for health and nutrition

MRCA is implementing projects under Gavi, WFP, UNDP funding for improving the vaccination, the response and prevention for Malaria, supplementary feeding for pregnant women, etc...


Support to water and food supply for drought affected areas in Nimroz


MRCA in partnership with Relief International is implementing an ECHO project for the construction and rehabilitation of wells and the distribution of food.

Past projects

​MRCA emphasizes on providing training for health care, initial training for female nurses and midwives, refresher trainings for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health workers to improve their abilities. Others main projects included the construction of health facilities, the renovation, and the management of over 50 health facilities across Afghanistan.