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Your contribution to MRCA projects will  improve the health standards of the Mother and child department of the health facilities. It will enable MRCA to provide a safe environment, privacy and equipment to reinforce the trust women should have in giving birth in health centres.

The waiting rooms, the delivery room, the equipment, the cots for the new borns and equipment such as resuscitation trolleys, baby warmers to prevent infant mortality, will be improved; It will also allow our midwives and nurses to work in a better environment while under difficult security conditions.

We can make a difference for women!

Each amount will be directly awarded to a Mother and child Health center.

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CCP Paris : 28 805 22 H 020

IBAN : FR15 3004 1000 0128 8052 2H02 061

Donations à MRCA France : réduction fiscale de 66% dans la limite de 20% du revenu imposable. Ainsi, si vous donnez 100 euros, vous ne payez en fait que 34 euros, un don de 50 euros seulement 17 euros.